The General Store

We stock a great variety of grocery items, local honey and honeycomb, ice creams, magazines, newspapers and bags of ice.

Everything you need in a beach-side general store.

You can find a range of handmade artwork throughout the general store and cafe by local artists from right here in Pearl Beach.


Can't find what your looking for? Ask our helpful staff and we will do our best to find it for you.


We have an extensive take away food menu including delicious burgers, bacon and egg rolls, fish and chips plus lots more! 

General Store WINTER Hours

7:30am - 3pm

hot food until 2pm

takeaway coffee until 2:30pm

Now serving in the Café & Retailing in The General Store


La Tartine


La Tartine had its origins in France where in 1987 Nick went into partnership with his wife Lottie’s cousin Guy and two friends, who were baking certified organic wood-fired sourdoughs in Guy’s old farmhouse, for distribution to local village shops and markets.


In 1997 Nick and Lottie returned to Australia with two small non-English speaking children in tow, to set up La Tartine in Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales.  At the time there were no specialist sourdough bakeries and Demeter in Glebe was the only certified organic bakery.


In 1998 La Tartine participated in Sydney’s first produce market at Pyrmont along with twenty other stall-holders to showcase what was happening behind the scenes in the food industry.  Nick recollects with a wry smile the questioning looks and polite “it’s different” comments from a largely uninformed public, even though there was a lot of “it’s about time someone produced decent bread.”


Since those early days little has changed at La Tartine, except the wood-fired oven has been replaced with a brick floored gas oven.  It’s still a small family business comprising Nick, Lottie, Nick’s brother Mark, and bakers Jan and Simon, and the two little non-English speaking girls, who are now grown up and are reluctantly coerced from their beds at 3 am on a Saturday morning to help their Mum at the markets.


Order your La Tartine to take home now in the General Store

Orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday 2pm for Saturday morning pick up

Some varieties will be available on Saturday for anyone who has missed the ordering cutoff.





Wholemeal Tin 850 g 90%

Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour , wholemeal wheat flour, filtered tap water,                                8              

Murray River salt.                                                                                                                                               


Wholemeal Campagne 850 g 90%

Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour , wholemeal wheat flour, filtered tap water,                                 8

Murray River salt.


White Tin 850 g

Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour , filtered tap water, Murray River salt.                                             8


White Campagne 765g

Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour , filtered tap water, Murray River salt.                                             8


Black Rye (wheat free)  850 g (tin)

Rye leaven, wholemeal rye flour , filtered tap water, Murray River salt. Available in tin.                             8 


Sesame 580g

Wheat leaven, unbleached flour , sesame seeds , filtered tap water, Murray River salt.                              6.5

Available in tin or boule.                                                                                                                                    


Fruit 650g (pull apart tin)

Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour ,  dried apricots, figs, sultanas , pesticide                                         9.5    

free almonds, Murray River salt,filtered tap water.                                                                                                            


Rye & Caraway 700g (tin)

Wheat leaven, 30% rye meal, 70%unbleached wheat flour, caraway seeds, filtered tap water,                    8

Murray River  salt.                                                                                                                                                   


Multigrain 780g (tin)

Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour 20% , stoneground wholemeal flour 80%,(rye, wheat,                    8

 barley, sunflower, rolled oats, maize meal , Murray River salt, filtered tap water.                                                                      


Spelt 580g (tin)                                                                                                                 8

Spelt leaven, unbleached white spelt flour, filtered tap water Murray River salt.                                      


Baguette 380g                                                                                                                    5           

Same dough as white.                                                                                                                                               


Olive 600g                                                                                                                          9           

White  dough with Kalamatta olives.                                                                                                                                               


Walnut 600g                                                                                                                      9

White dough with Tasmanian walnuts                                                                                                      


Pumpkin 580g (pull apart tin)                                                                                          9

White dough with non organic freshly baked pumpkin puree . Must be                                                         

ordered in pairs.